5 Nasty Things That Will Happen If Your WordPress Gets Hacked


Security risks are almost inevitable, even the smallest name websites and companies could be hacked basically every day. As many of the attacks against WordPress installations become automatic, there is no need to have a large company, recognized brand or huge turnover to become a target forcyber attacks, hackers or even amateur cyber criminals. On the contrary, every site, regardless of its business or size, represents a fascinating target for cyberattacks.  No one can really count on “not being interesting enough to be attacked”, and taking proactive measures to keep your WordPress site immune is a mandatory step for every WordPress site owner.

In order to protect your WordPress sites, you are probably using different security plugins or techniques; there are also simple “hygiene” practices, and some more advanced techniques as explained in this article here.

However, the reality is, no system can be 100% immune from cyberattacks.

In order to understand  the source of this risk, and how to best protect oneself or react to  such attacks, it is important to understand why hackers attack you and what they will do with your WordPress installation once it’s under their control. This will  certainly depend on the kind of attacker you will encounter In our  role of assisting small and medium companies recovering from WordPress attacks, we usually identify the following motives that drive hackers to penetrate a WordPress site:


  1. Divert your money, causing serious damages  to your finances. Once they’rein, hackers can simply change the account your e-commerce money is sent to, or divert customers to their own pages just before payment is finalized.
  2. Use it to propagate malware, with a loss of image and ranking from engines, and customer trust for not being able to protect its customers’ data. Moreover, if your website hosts malware as a consequence of an attack, you willbe immediately penalized by search engines  like Google.
  3. Take over the SEO ranking of your page and send the incoming traffic over to different pages.In this case, hackers are really “piggy-backing” on your reputation to get your traffic. As a consequence, you will lose  users and reputation.
  4. Use your server resources and mining cryptocurrencies. Your site will be slower, you will basically have a“parasite” on your back and will be contributing resources to assist your attackers.
  5. Get the Access to your purchase history, user lists etc. All this information is a goldmine to run additional attacks (forinstance, attack and trick your own customers). Remember  that,  besides an ethical and reputational issue, you are legally obliged to safeguard these data from attacks and failing to do so may create you serious troubles (including the obligation to consult the authorities, under the GPDR regulations in Europe).

WordPress hacker attack can happen to any business, even the smallest one. Moreover, nowadays attacks are automatic and they will just enter from the weakest door. That’s why it is  vitally important to ensure that your WordPressis protected,  regardless of the type of data stored on your website or  what purpose you use it for.

If  your wordpress has not been hacked yet, now is the moment to act before it’s too late: contact us and we will  assist you to keep it safe!


Your wordpress has been hacked?

After suffering a cyberattack, you will be tempted to try and solve the problem singlehandedly.  Hackers may have created content that will be deleted and probably allow new users to get in again. But even if you fix this, the odds are that modifications have been more profound (backdoors) and will need  fix cleaning.

Sounds too complicated? Get in touch with us  and we will help you recover your hacked WordPress site.