How Your Google Reputation Will Suffer If Your WordPress Gets Attacked?

Thanks to the buzz around Google reputation and WordPress security in  recent times, most users are aware that their sensitive data is at risk every time they browse the internet. And so is their website, regardless of the size of their business and nature of its content.

And yet, although users’ crucial information is at risk, website owners do not take WordPress security seriously. Well, is it only a danger for the user of the website, whose data can quickly spread to malicious hands? Not really. Here is why as a website owner who has spent a lot of time and money to create your brand reputation, SEO indexing and traffic you should really care about keeping your WordPress site secure. 

Google is getting more vigilant towards WordPress security, and as a result blacklisting of defaulters is  on the rise day by day.

It’s simply said –

No WordPress Security = Drop in Google Rank & Loss in Revenue!

How does a hacked website impact Google Reputation?

Forcing your website to rank lower: If Google encounters that your website owns a number of spammy outbound links, it may reduce your search engine rankings.

Your website may be blacklisted: Majority of spammy links head to low-quality spam sites which is against search engine guidelines. In case, your website is embedded with more of these spammy links, it may result in blacklisting on Google.

Hosting malware is a Google traffic killer: You may not be aware about it, but your WordPress site may have been compromised and could now be serving malware to your visitors. Google and other search engines constantly monitors for malicious content and de-ranks/blocks links to those infected sites.

Why Does WordPress Security Matter?

Apart from  denying criminals  satisfaction, there are several reasons why the security of your WordPress site matters. If security measures are not implemented  in default, it can cause –

  •  A death-knell for a small business.
  •  A huge impact on customer trust.
  •  A security risk to businesses and government sites.
  •  A huge cost of cleaning up.
  •  A fewer visitors and fewer conversions.

7 Online Tools for Website Security Checking.

Do you want to make your WordPress site safely accessible? If yes, then you must make use of these 7 online tools to scan URLs and files  from danger.

  1. VirusTotal – best-known way to perform a reputation check.
  2. Google Safe Browsing –  displays warnings to users when they attempt to navigate to dangerous sites.
  3. Web of Trust – an online reputation and Internet safety service.
  4. McAfee WebAdvisor – see a lot of suspicious sites and files.
  5. Comodo Web Inspector – run checks on domains for malicious compromise.
  6. PhishTank – reports phishing websites.
  7. StopBadware – see domains filtered by Google.


You have many reasons to keep your WordPress site secure. Among all, do not underestimate that having your site compromised may have on your online reputation and, very concretely, on your Google ranking and on the traffic you get. There are simple rules to respect to maintain your WordPress secure. If you are in doubt, ask us to help you auditing the security of your site, or cleaning it up and removing it from any blacklists.