The mission of a Superhero

Most people know about targeted hacks and they think only large companies suffer from them. But it is more likely to become a victim of a targeted attack if you are a local  e-commerce or business websites. 

That’s not only because there are money to seal: you are responsible not only for your website’s safety, but for the safety of your customers’ money and personal information. That’s why not only should you, but it is an absolute must to protect your website from  hackers’ attacks.

The mission of a Superhero is changed nowadays. Many dangers come from the web and your freedom to do business can be seriously endangered by the new internet pirates.

This is the reason why SuperWordpress helps small business, professionals and individuals gaining and maintaining their freedom of speech and of doing business. 

We do this by helping you keeping your institutional, blogging, and e-commerce platforms safe, while allowing you to rely on largely-available, affordable and open CMS technologies.